Combat Edit


Woodcutting Edit

-Sekat yews mezi Daynor Villigom a Lumbridgom, bankovanie v Daynor banke. -Sekat Magic Trees pri Seers Village.

Runecrafting Edit

-Nature Runy cez abbys. -Double Nature runy(2x runy, ale ziadne xp),cez abbys, postavite sa do radu ku clovekovy so zlatimy plastami, a date request assist, potom urobite runy. Davajte pozor na fakerov zo slabym runecrafting levelom. Funguje iba na world 36.

Hunter Edit

-Lovit red chins.

Fishing Edit

-Chytat lobsters na Karamaje(pre nemembrov) alebo v catherby(Pre membrov) -Chytat sharkov v catherby(76 fishing, a iba pre membrov)

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